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Teeth cleaning

Brushing and flossing your teeth remove plaque and food particles. Plaque hardens over time due to the calcium and phosphate in your saliva, and your ordinary toothbrush will not be able to remove it. Scaling, polishing, and flossing your teeth will eliminate this.

Costmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a fusion of science and art. We can improve the look of your smile by focusing on aesthetic results and employing a selection of the most up-to-date restorative procedures and materials.

Teeth Reshaping

Tooth contouring, also known as reshaping, is a procedure that is used to repair chipped or broken teeth, fill in gaps, and reshape and reshape your teeth. We do this by applying a composite resin to your teeth, followed by a bonding substance to restore their look.


Bonding is used to repair chipped or damaged teeth, fill gaps, and shape and recontour teeth. We do this by applying a composite resin to your teeth, followed by a bonding substance to restore their look. These composites should last between 7 and 11 years.


Tooth extraction is the process of removing teeth that are broken, decaying, or diseased. Healthy teeth may be removed if there isn’t enough room in the mouth, in preparation for orthodontic treatment, or to remove impacted or partially impacted teeth that are at danger of infection.

Fillings & sealants

Direct and indirect restorations are the two types of fillings. Direct restorations are put immediately into a prepared cavity by the dentist in a single visit. A UV light is used to fix the substance, which is generally a plastic resin.

Gum Surgeries

Gum surgery is a surgical technique used to treat gum disorders caused by periodontal disease. Gum surgery is divided into two categories. Making a flap-like hole in the gum and removing plaque from deep periodontal pockets is the goal of flap surgery.

Oral surgery

We offer a range of oral surgery procedures including surgical extraction of teeth and roots,surgical removal of wisdom teeth,removal of teeth following previous failed extractions,surgical exposure of teeth,and minor soft tissue surgery.

Dentures & bridges

Dentures are removable tooth substitutes composed of acrylic resin and occasionally porcelain to give them a more realistic appearance. If you are not a good candidate for dental bridges or implants, dentures are typically advised.

Tooth Whitening

Some teeth may be ineligible for whitening, and your natural teeth will not all be the same colour. Tooth whitening treatments come in a number of forms. During your consultation, we will recommend the most appropriate method for you.

Root Canal Treatment

Dental pulp is the connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves that make up the centre of a tooth. Root canals are the regions of dental pulp within a root. Toothache or an abscess may occur if this tissue dies or becomes injured. These teeth were once removed, but now they may be treated with a root canal.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a form of tooth replacement that resembles natural roots and is attached to the jaw permanently. Because of their sophisticated design, dental implants are extremely safe.

Smile Designing

We provide a variety of cosmetic smile treatments to improve your smile, including veneers, implants, and tooth whitening, as well as teeth straightening with Invisalign and quick braces. Our dentists will create the smile you want while keeping you fully informed throughout the procedure.

Dental Laser

Laser dentistry effectively substitutes the surgical scalpel, allowing for faster healing, less bleeding, less scarring, and less anaesthetic due to the way it operates. As a result, it’s excellent for laser dental cleaning and advanced laser dentistry since it gives you a deep clean without the need of harsh chemicals.

X-ray & Checkups

Digital x-rays are quick, cutting down on the time it takes to conduct this important procedure. When digital x-rays are utilised to acquire a visual representation of your teeth, gums, and facial structure, you will not feel any discomfort.

Dental Care for The Whole Family

We are a family dentist who can treat patients of all ages, making our services a great way to guarantee that everyone in your family receives the dental care they need when they need it.


Adult Care


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Orthodontic Care

We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice

We are a full-service clinic that offers a variety of benefits to help individuals take better care of their teeth. Unaddressed problems can develop into bigger problems with long-term consequences if they go unaddressed. The best way to maintain good dental health is to visit a full-service clinic on a regular basis.


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